20 Nov 2023 12:11

Russia in talks with BRICS countries on joining Russian space station project - Roscosmos

MOSCOW. Nov 20 (Interfax) - Russia's state space corporation Roscosmos is conducting negotiations with the BRICS countries' space agencies regarding cooperation on the Russian space station project, Roscosmos CEO Yury Borisov said.

"We're currently in talks with the space agencies of the BRICS countries [regarding a Russian space station project] and are prepared to help them build [their] modules," Borisov said at an international conference on the 25th anniversary of the International Space Station (ISS)'s research program on Monday.

Russia plans to build a new space station to replace the ISS. The first phase of the station's deployment is scheduled for 2027-2030, and its construction will be completed in 2032.

Energia Rocket and Space Corporation General Designer and Deputy General Director Vladimir Solovyov said on November 7 that the new Russian space station was being designed to operate for 50 years.

On October 27, Borisov said that the Russian space station project had been approved and envisaged the allocation of around 609 billion rubles before 2032.

On July 24, Borisov said that Russia had invited other BRICS countries to help build a separate specialized module for its planned new space station, where BRICS member states could conduct scientific experiments.

Roscosmos Deputy CEO for International Cooperation Sergei Savelyev said on August 14 that Roscosmos had not yet received a reply from the countries invited to join the Russian space station project.