17 Nov 2023 17:03

Russian AgMin implementing targeted soft lending for broiler chicken producers staring on Dec 1

MOSCOW. Nov 17 (Interfax) - Broiler chicken producers in Russia will be able to receive preferential investment loans beginning on December 1 of this year.

According to the Agriculture Ministry, to provide additional support for this area of poultry farming, the ministry has prepared a draft order providing for the expansion of areas of target use of preferential investment loans separately for broiler producers.

"Thus, starting from December 1, 2023, producers of broiler chicken and its processed products will have access to investment loans for the purchase of machinery and equipment, construction and reconstruction of poultry farming complexes," the statement said.

The approval of the draft order will contribute to an increase in broiler production, the ministry said.

At the same time, the statement recalls that in general, poultry and egg producers have access to a range of government support tools. Among them are subsidies for livestock insurance, compensation of part of costs and preferential investment loans for the construction and modernization of broiler poultry breeders, preferential short-term loans for the purchase of grain, meal, premixes, vitamins and amino acids, preferential investment loans for the construction, reconstruction and modernization of livestock facilities, etc.