16 Nov 2023 11:45

Ukraine updates requirements for monitoring, accountability of greenhouse gas emissions

MOSCOW. Nov 16 (Interfax) - The Ukrainian government has updated the national system of monitoring, accountability and verification of greenhouse gas emissions, Ukrainian media said on Wednesday, citing the press service for the Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Ministry.

In its report assessing Ukraine's compliance to its European integration commitments, the European Commission called on Kiev to speed up the fulfillment of the de-carbonization roadmap's part dealing with the introduction of a system for trading in emission quotas, the ministry said.

The government's decision brings Ukraine's regulation greenhouse gas emissions in line with the EU Directive and the European Commission's implementing regulations. It has also widened the list of operations subject to monitoring by including in it glass production with a melting capacity of more than 20 tonnes per day.

The measure also deregulates greenhouse gas emission processes in Ukraine and simplifies requirements applied to operators for the period of martial law in the country.

"Such changes will simplify the accountability process for enterprises in the field of greenhouse gas emissions and simultaneously will make it possible to collect and verify data and show our potential in terms of available quotas to the world. As soon as in a year's time, we plan to launch a pilot national trading system. It should be functioning in a full-fledged manner in Ukraine in 2026. We are ready to share available emission quotas and make our contribution to the world climate track," Ukrainian Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Minister Ruslan Strilets said.