16 Nov 2023 11:15

Titan Group, China's Wison agree to build new pyrolysis unit in Omsk Region

OMSK. Nov 16 (Interfax) - Titan Group has signed a cooperation agreement with Wison Engineering Ltd, a division of China's Wison Group, to build a new EP-600 pyrolysis unit with subsequent intensive processing of its products, the Russian group said in a press release on its website.

"This is a part of a large-scale investment project to produce basic chemical products in the Omsk region that will make it possible to provide the market with scarce chemicals for key sectors of the industry, and completely substitute imported ethylene glycols and propylene glycols," Titan said, adding that the project will be carried out at an industrial park in Omsk Region.

The EP-600 ethylene complex is designed to process hydrocarbon feedstock into ethylene, propylene, butadiene, benzene and other petrochemical products.

"Considering the strategic tasks of the country's chemical industry, we've started implementing a large-scale project to manufacture large tonnage chemicals in the Omsk region. It complies with a plan of events aimed at import-substitution. Large tonnage projects, in their turn, will become a base for low- and medium chemicals production. These include such marketable products as PBT, silica gels, silicasols, BOPET films, PET granules, and PIB," Titan chairman Mikhail Sutyaginsky said in the release.

Wison Engineering Ltd is a leading Chinese engineering contractor that operates in the petrochemical industry.

Titan Group includes a number of petrochemical plants (Omsky Kauchuk , Titan-SM LLC and Pskov Plant Titan-Polymer LLC) and agribusinesses (Petrovsky pig farm, Pushkinsky compound feed plant and Pushkinsky meat processing plant).