9 Nov 2023 15:26

Rusal increases share of recycled content in foundry alloys for automotive industry to 30%

MOSCOW. Nov 9 (Interfax) - UC Rusal has increased the share of recycled content in foundry alloys for the automotive industry to 30%, the Russian aluminum giant said in a press release.

The production volumes of these alloys have been increased since the beginning of 2023, and the content of secondary raw materials has increased from the initial 20% to 25%-30%, it said.

The new product is in full alignment with OEM requirements meeting both the need for low-carbon footprint, and recycled content. A selective approach to scrap sourcing provides comparable performance of PEFA compared to primary foundry alloys.

"Rusal offers a wide range of low carbon foundry alloys to the largest companies, including exclusive patented alloys. More than a hundred Rusal customers, including industry leaders in the production of automotive components around the world, also receive Rusal's exceptional technical support services for their own production. Qualifications of PEFA are ongoing with five global automotive parts suppliers," said Rusal Global Sales and Marketing Director Roman Andryushin.