8 Nov 2023 16:11

Digital Development Ministry may decide on frequency distribution model for developing 5G in Russia by March 1, 2024

MOSCOW. Nov 8 (Interfax) - The Russian Digital Development Ministry needs to decide on a model for releasing frequencies for developing 5G in the country by March 1, 2024, Russian Digital Development Minister Maksut Shadayev told reporters.

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin gave the order, Shadayev said.

"I think it will probably be somewhere by March 1," Shadayev said, responding to a question about the timeframe for making a decision.

The range in question is 700 megahertz, the frequencies that were previously used for analog TV. Broadcasters have still not given up these frequencies after the transition of broadcast TV from analog to digital.

Two options are now being considered, he said. One of them is holding an auction with fair compensation to broadcasters for giving up frequencies.

The ministry is also studying a model of transferring frequencies to state companies, which will ensure their joint use by telecom operators.

Shadayev said in August that the draft strategy for developing Russia's telecom industry until 2035 envisages a ban on the use of the "golden range" of radio frequencies (3.4-3.8 gigahertz) for 5G, as 5G networks will develop on other frequencies. Other ranges, for example, 4,400-4,990 megahertz and 700 megahertz, remain for 5G.