8 Nov 2023 15:56

Joint work in high technologies taking center stage in Russia-China military-technical cooperation - Putin

MOSCOW. Nov 8 (Interfax) - Joint work in high technologies, i.e. outer space and advanced types of weapons, is taking center stage as part of military and military-technical cooperation between Russia and China, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

"Of course, our cooperation, our contacts, in the military and military-technical sphere are becoming a matter of no small importance, a matter of increasing significance," Putin said at a meeting with Chinese Central Military Commission Vice Chairman Zhang Youxia.

"Our work in high technology spheres" in taking center stage in military-technical cooperation, Putin said.

"I mean both outer space, including high-orbit constellations [of satellites], and I also mean advanced types of weapons, promising ones, which will certainly ensure the strategic security of both Russia and the People's Republic of China," Putin said.