7 Nov 2023 15:55

Ukraine has sown 5.5 mln hectares of winter crops for 2024 harvest to exceed last year's figure by 4.3%

MOSCOW. Nov 7 (Interfax) - Ukraine's farmers have sown around 5.53 million hectares of winter crops as on November 7, growth of 4.3% year-on-year from last year, Ukrainian media reported, citing the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food.

According to the ministry's updated report on its Telegram channel, farmers are completing the sowing of winter crops, with a number of regions continuing to sow wheat, millet, and rye. Farmers have overall already sown over 4.386 million hectares of winter grains, up from 4.211 million hectares the previous week, with wheat sown on 3.867 million hectares, up from 3.733 million hectares the previous week; barley on 442,000 hectares (403,000 hectares); and rye on 76,000 hectares (unchanged).

Sowing of winter grain rose by 175,000 hectares the past week against 362,000 hectares a week earlier. Moreover, sowing of winter rapeseed has been completed in all regions, with 1.144 million hectares allocated for the 2024 harvest.

As reported, the vast majority of Ukrainian farmers do not plan to change significantly the area sown with winter crops this year compared to last season.