31 Oct 2023 10:45

ArcelorMittal to also hand over Aktau pipe mill to Kazakhstan - minister

ASTANA. Oct 31 (Interfax) - ArcelorMittal's pipe mill in Aktau will also be nationalized, Kazakh Industry and Construction Minister Kanat Sharlapayev said.

"All assets - the steel department, coal department. The pipe mill in Aktau is also included in the perimeter [of the nationalization]," Sharlapayev told reporters at a briefing on Tuesday when asked about other assets of the steel multinational being transferred to the state.

ArcelorMittal Tubular Products Aktau, which is part of ArcelorMittal's pipe division, specializes in making steel oil country tubular goods, as well as pipes for construction of mainline water pipes, heating systems and pulp/slurry pipelines used in the mining industry. The mill is located in the Aktau Sea Port free economic zone and can ship products by sea, train and truck.