26 Oct 2023 16:57

Polish fashion retailer Greenpoint enters Ukrainian market

MOSCOW. Oct 26 (Interfax) - Polish fashion retailer Greenpoint enters the Ukrainian market and intends to open 20 retail stores in 2024, Ukrainian media reported citing the press service for Retail & Development Advisor (RDA), which acts as the retailer's exclusive agent and partner in Ukraine.

"We have been holding talks for a long time, providing analytical data on the pattern and condition of the retail sector in Ukraine, the number of new shopping malls, and the demographic situation. In the end, the company decided to develop its partner business in Ukraine. Currently, the company is considering options for selling master franchises as well as regional franchises to several partners. In its turn, RDA will search for franchisees, provide negotiation support and perform consulting function for Greenpoint," RDA CEO Andrei Lototsky was quoted in the statement as saying.

Ukraine will be the first foreign market with physical stores for the retailer, he said. The outlets are planned to be opened primarily in the shopping malls.

"In 2024, the company is aimed at opening 20 stores in Ukraine, and their number may increase several times over the next few years. First of all, the company seeks to develop in Kiev and western regions of the country. In general, Greenpoint stands ready to open stores in populated localities with a population of 30,000 or more, which expands the potential geography of the chain's development," Lototsky said.

The first Greenpoint store was opened in Krakow in 1992. As of today, the chain has 219 outlets in Poland, of which 124 are opened under franchising. With e-commerce, the brand is present in 12 European countries through partner marketplaces. In 2022, Greenpoint stores were visited by 9.5 million, and its annual sales including international markets totaled over 2.5 million products.

RDA is a Ukrainian consulting company founded in 2013, which provides a full range of services in retail, office and logistics real estate.