26 Oct 2023 11:53

Tajikistan looks to double electric power generation from renewable sources by 2050

DUSHANBE. Oct 26 (Interfax) - Tajikistan plans to double its electricity production from renewable sources by 2050, Foreign Minister Sirojiddin Mukhriddin said.

"The Republic of Tajikistan, having adopted the Green Economy Strategy, has laid the foundation for the transition to a green economy and intends to double production of electricity from renewable sources by 2050," the Tajik Foreign Ministry said in a statement, citing Mukhriddin, who spoke at the Green Transition and Hydrogen panel discussion at the Global Gateway forum in Brussels.

It was previously reported that, by 2030, Tajikistan plans to produce up to 10% of its electricity from renewable sources, such as sun and wind.

Currently, Tajikistan generates up to 98% of its electricity from hydroelectric power plants. According to the Ministry of Energy, electricity production in the country in 2022 reached a record high for the entire period of independence of Tajikistan, nearly 21.4 billion kWh.

The republic's hydropower resources are estimated at 527 billion kWh per year, the Ministry said. Currently, only 4-5% of the hydropower potential is used. In terms of hydropower potential, Tajikistan ranks eighth in the world and first in Central Asia.

The hydropower potential of Tajikistan is three times higher than the current electricity consumption of all of Central Asia. With the efficient use of these resources, the region can be provided with inexpensive and environmentally friendly energy, the Ministry said. The country's primary hydropower potential is concentrated in the basins of the Pyanj, Vakhsh, Kafernigan and Zeravshan rivers.