20 Oct 2023 21:39

Russia's population could fall below 138.8 million by 2045 from 146.4 mln in early 2023 - Rosstat

MOSCOW. Oct 20 (Interfax) - Russia's Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) has released a new population forecast through the end of 2045 based on results of a nationwide census in October-November 2021.

On January 1, 2023, Russia had a population of 146.45 million. By January 1, 2046, that number is forecast to drop to 138.77 million, Rosstat said.

The forecast does not take into account the population of the four new Russian territories, it said.

In 2024-2032, Russia's population is expected to drop annually by 400,000, including a natural decline at more than 600,000 per year over the period, and even 700,000 in some years, immigrant numbers are expected to increase by 210,000-230,000 each year of the period, Rosstat said.

Starting from 2033, the population decrease will slow down to less than 400,000 per year (due to a slowdown in natural decline), and less than 200,000 per year from 2042 to 2045, Rosstat said.

In 2026, the population is predicted to fall below 145 million, further down to 143 million in 2030 and to less than 140 million in 2039, Rosstat said.

Life expectancy in 2023 is predicted at 73.1 (72.7 in 2022, according to previously published figures), and at 79.8 in 2045 (83.2 for women and 75.9 for men), Rosstat said.