18 Oct 2023 13:48

Ukrainian Restoration Ministry to close at least 30% of int'l bus routes

MOSCOW. Oct 18 (Interfax) - Ukraine's Ministry for the Development of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure (Restoration Ministry) will cancel at least 30% of international passenger bus routes, Deputy Minister for the Development of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Sergei Derkach told Ukrainian media.

"Up to 280 routes to Poland and the Russian Federation have already been closed. At a meeting of the joint commission with Moldova in November, we will cancel all routes that we don't agree upon. We are working in the same way with Romania, the Czech Republic and other countries. According to my estimates, at least 30% of all routes will be cancelled," Derkach said.

The law requires a transport company running an international transport service to have a partner from another country, he said.

"Without such a parity partner, it either operates on domestic routes within the country or does not operate at all. We have forwarded corresponding enquiries to neighboring countries (Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Moldova) and are trying to clarify how many transport companies that have such permits did not apply to them at all, that is, they don't have such a partner. Officially, we have the authority to close such routes," Derkach said.

A total of 140 routes between Ukraine and Poland have been closed, he said. Routes with Moldova are now being verified, and there are questions to around 40 such routes.