16 Oct 2023 15:11

Georgian Constitutional Court views president's foreign tour as violation of constitution

TBILISI. Oct 16 (Interfax) - The Georgian Constitutional Court has recognized the European visits paid by Georgian President Salome Zourabichvili in August-September 2023 without the government's consent as a violation of the constitution.

The court thus upheld a motion from the ruling Georgian Dream party.

The Georgian constitution defines domestic and foreign policy as the government's prerogatives.

Georgian Dream chair Irakli Kobakhidze told reporters earlier that the procedure for Zourabichvili's impeachment would begin in the country's parliament once the Constitutional Court confirms the president's violation of the constitution. Kobakhidze noted that the president was unlikely to be impeached because the ruling party does not have enough votes in parliament. "We can muster slightly over 80 votes during the parliamentary vote, while 100 votes are needed. The parliamentary opposition says it will not support impeachment. Nonetheless, we will put the issue to a vote, as the president has violated the constitution and this cannot be ignored," Kobakhidze said.

It is assumed that Georgian Dream will initiate the president's impeachment in parliament in the near future.

The ruling party filed a motion with the Constitutional Court on September 14 regarding the president's violation of the constitution.

Relations between the president and the government were seriously exacerbated in spring, when Zourabichvili strongly criticized the government in parliament for what she described as a refusal to change the national political course.