13 Oct 2023 10:18

Novak: Decision reached to build Murmansk LNG plant

MOSCOW. Oct 13 (Interfax) - A decision to build the Murmansk LNG plant has been reached, Deputy Russian Prime Minister Alexander Novak said in an interview with RT Arabic, adding that Russia plans to develop LNG in its strategy.

Russia is currently producing 33 million tonnes of LNG, and Arctic LNG 2 is being built.

"A decision was reached recently for Novatek to deliver the Murmansk LNG [project], which is another 20 million tonnes," Novak said.

Novak also said that companies were working on building a fleet for exporting LNG, both with foreign partners and Russian shipyards, including Zvezda.

Commenting on Gazprom's concerns that the export of this gas could cause a shortage in the domestic market, Novak said: "20 million tonnes [from Murmansk LNG] is only 38 billion cubic meters. We have the gas [for the domestic market]".

The uncontrolled export of liquefied natural gas can lead to a shortage on the Russian domestic market, deputy directorate head at Gazprom, Kirill Polous said this week.

Novatek is planning an LNG plant in Murmansk with three trains, capacity of 6.8 million tonnes each. Surplus electricity generated by the Kola Nuclear Power Plant will power the LNG plant compressors and a 1,300 km pipeline will have to be built to supply gas to Murmansk.