11 Oct 2023 12:35

Regulator proposes to increase Transneft's oil pumping tariffs 7.2% in 2024

MOSCOW. Oct 11 (Interfax) - The Russian Federal Anti-monopoly Service proposes to increase Transneft's oil pumping tariffs 7.2% on average from January 1, 2024, according to a draft order posted on legal information portal.

"The change in tariffs is necessary to cover operating costs, as well as for investment programs and the reconstruction of main pipelines," the department's press service said.

The document says that the tariff for oil transportation along the Taishet - Meget/Angarsk Petrochemical Company route can be increased from 409.6 rubles/tonne (excluding VAT) to 439.13 rubles/tonne; Yaroslavl 3 - Primorsk (Baltic Pipeline System) can rise from 827.12 rubles/tonne to 886.61 rubles/tonne; the network tariff for routes from Aprelskaya, Vatyegan, and Purpe to Transneft-Port Primorsk LLC and Transneft-Baltika LLC (Ust-Luga oil depot) can increase from 2376.15 rubles/tonne (excluding VAT) to 2547.06 rubles/tonne; and from Klin to Ust-Luga, the tariff can increase from 959.93 rubles/tonne to 1028.98 rubles/tonne.

The network tariff for the Eastern Siberia - Pacific Ocean (ESPO) system for shipping oil for export to China and through the port of Kozmino may increase from 3146.65 rubles/tonne (excluding VAT) to 3,372.98 rubles/tonne. The tariff for pumping from above the Arctic Circle to Purpe is proposed for increase from 511.38 rubles/tonne (excluding VAT) to 547.09 rubles/tonne, while for Kuyumba - Taishet, from 811.36 rubles/tonne to 869.72 rubles/tonne.

The cost of transit on the Makhachkala - PC Sheskharis route may increase from 453.98 rubles/tonne (excluding VAT) to 485.63 rubles/tonne, while tariffs for the "Border of the Republic of Azerbaijan/Russian Federation (Shirvanly) - PC "Sheskharis" route could rise from 888.29 rubles/tonne (excluding VAT) to 952.18 rubles/tonne.

On the Torgili - Yurgamysh - Cherkassy-1 (UBKUA) - Yurgamysh (TON-2) - border of the Russian Federation/Kazakhstan (TON-2) and Torgili - Yurgamysh (TON-2) - border of the Russian Federation/Kazakhstan (TON-2) routes, the tariff will change from 674.8 rub/tonne (excluding VAT) to 723.34 rubles/tonne.