10 Oct 2023 15:20

State support for microelectronics to total 210 bln rubles in 2024, share of Russian goods should reach 70% by 2030 - Manturov

SOCHI. Oct 10 (Interfax) - The state will allocate 210 billion rubles in 2024 to support the microelectronics industry, whereas this this year has seen 147 billion rubles earmarked for the same purposes so far, with the target benchmark for the industry being to achieve a 70% share of domestic production by 2030, Deputy Prime Minister and Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov said in a statement.

"The state has exponentially ramped up financing: back in 2020, budget investments did not exceed 10 billion rubles per year, this year they have already amounted to 147 billion rubles, and next year they will exceed 210 billion. This allows us to simultaneously build a full-fledged management system for the industry and provide it with comprehensive support," he said, speaking at the Microelectronics 2023 forum on Tuesday.

The support is primarily "aimed at creating a wide range of software and hardware solutions for all areas of application," Manturov said. "We are moving quite fast in that direction. In only the 9 months of this year, the register of electronic products has been replenished by more than 70%," Manturov said.

One of the key areas of support, the minister said, should be electronic engineering, given that the supply of equipment from abroad has been limited since last year. In particular, Russia plans to develop its own lithographs for printing microchips. "As early as next year we expect to get our lithograph for 350 nanometer topology, and by 2026 - a prototype lithograph for 130 nanometers," he said.

"These are still modest parameters - 130 nanometers, which is what we are heading towards in the coming years. But if we are talking about 130 nanometers comprehensively, this is a complete turnkey plant. In some elements we will be able to equip our enterprises with 90 nanometers next year and move further: 65, 45 38 and further," he said.

Manturov said that by 2030, Russia plans to reach a share of 70% in terms of domestic equipment and materials for microelectronics, as well as finished products in the industry.

"In general, we plan to substitute about 70% of all equipment and materials used in basic technological processes by 2030. In parallel, we should take the same share in the market of finished products and almost completely satisfy the needs of the public sector," he said.

As domestic specimens appear, the Industry and Trade Ministry will adjust the list of products for parallel import, under which electronic products not produced in the country are now imported into Russia.