9 Oct 2023 09:43

Ukrainian power system receives extra 235 MW following power unit repairs, but problems persist

MOSCOW. Oct 9 (Interfax) - Ukrainian engineers have completed repairs of a second power unit at a thermal power plant, which, along with the first unit repaired a week ago, would add an extra 235 MW to the Ukrainian power system, Ukrainian media reported with reference to the Energy Ministry's statement on its social account on Saturday.

The ministry had said earlier that, as of October 2, a 100 MW unit had been repaired nine days ahead of schedule.

As concerns preparations for winter, Energy Minister German Galushchenko said at a government Q&A session at the Verkhovna Rada on Friday that 1.5 GW out of the 1.7 GW of extra capacity planned for the fall and winter season had been connected to the power grid.

The ministry said power supply was resumed to all the 17,000 customers in the Vinnitsa region who had experienced an outage as a 110 KV power transmission line was automatically disabled by an emergency protection system.

A number of customers remain without electricity in the Dnepropetrovsk, Sumy, Kharkov, and Chernigov regions and a number of communities in the Kiev-controlled parts of the Donetsk, Zaporozhye, and Kherson regions, it said.

According to the ENTSO-E website, Ukraine's electricity exports fell by nearly 90% to 174 MW/h on Saturday, October 7, and all that electricity was supplied to Moldova. At the same time, Ukraine imported electricity only from Slovakia in the amount of 940 MW/h.