9 Oct 2023 13:15

Nonresident gas storage in Ukraine could rise 50% by winter - minister

MOSCOW. Oct 9 (Interfax) - The volume of gas from European companies in underground storage facilities in Ukraine is, according to forecasts, expected to rise to 3 billion cubic meters by winter, boosting total reserves in Ukrainian underground gas storage facilities to 16.5 bcm, Ukrainian media quoted Ukrainian Energy Minister German Galushchenko as saying.

"We already have more than 2 bcm of gas from non-residents, that is, foreign European companies, stored in facilities in Ukraine. According to the plans that we see, contracts that have been signed, this volume will be increased to 3 bcm by winter," Galushchenko said at a parliament session, broadcast on YouTube.

Thus, gas storage by non-residents in Ukrainian underground gas storage facilities could increase about 50% by winter.

This gas will enable Ukraine to balance the system. "Secondly, this is the volume that can, if necessary, if we need additional gas, be purchased by the state if [...] such agreements are reached with the relevant non-residents," the minister said.

He said state storage facilities currently contained 15.6 bcm of gas

"Planned storage was 14.7 [bcm], which we calculated taking into account how much gas we [Ukraine] need, including the possibility to generate electricity using gas. [...] And by winter, we see that the corresponding volume will be reached - about 16.5 bcm of gas. This is more than we had last year," Galushchenko said.

He said Ukraine began the heating season with 14.5 bcm of gas in storage last year.