9 Oct 2023 09:31

Russia mulls producing railway equipment in Uzbekistan

MOSCOW. Oct 9 (Interfax) - Russia is considering localizing production of railway equipment in Uzbekistan, President Vladimir Putin said following Russian-Uzbek negotiations on Friday.

"Cooperation between Russia and Uzbekistan is expanding in the transport and logistics sector. Railway freight and passenger traffic are growing steadily, literally severalfold in some areas," Putin said.

"A comprehensive program is now being worked out for cooperation on the development of railway transport and infrastructure in Uzbekistan. This includes supplies of Russian railway equipment and localization, which is very important for our Uzbek friends, localization of production in Uzbekistan itself," Putin said.

This is opening up great prospects for the development of international transport corridors like the North-South corridor, one of the routes of which runs through Uzbekistan, he said.