6 Oct 2023 15:46

Russia to help Abkhazia with power supply in winter - Bzhania following Putin meeting

SUKHUM. Oct 6 (Interfax) - Russian President Vladimir Putin and Abkhaz President Aslan Bzhania agreed on Russia providing assistance with the power supply to Abkhazia during winter at a meeting in Sochi on October 4, Bzhania said on Friday.

"We also discussed developing the gas supply network in the republic and the construction of a thermal power plant to generate electricity from gas. The Russian president supported this idea as well," Bzhania told reporters.

Ensuring security in Abkhazia was another item on the agenda, Bzhania said. "We have every reason to count on the assistance of the Russian Federation in this area," he said.

"The similarity of [our] positions on many issues was underlined. We talked about integration processes initiated by Russia, Abkhazia's participation in those processes, and Abkhazia's possible future participation in the Union State of Russia and Belarus. All of this has been supported and needs to be worked on," Bzhania said.

Russia's investment in the Abkhaz economy was also on the table, Bzhania said. "We talked about the need for and the positive effect of Russian investment and some other targets to raise the living standards of our citizens to a completely different level, and help build a brand new economy to ensure the country's sustainable development," he said.

The meeting also addressed the development of infrastructure, in particular an overhaul of a bridge and the construction of a new one over the Gumista River at the entrance to the Abkhaz capital and restoration of the Military Sukhum Road in the Kodori Gorge. Those plans "were met with understanding," Bzhania said.

"The meeting was held in an amicable, trusting atmosphere. As usually happens in the case of Abkhazia, the Russian president showed great attention to all issues. He promised support in practically every area highlighted at the meeting," Bzhania said.

In turn, the Abkhaz presidential press service said that Bzhania chaired a meeting of the Abkhaz Security Council in Sukhum on Friday to discuss foreign and domestic policy.