6 Oct 2023 13:51

Ukrainian farmers thresh 46.7 mln tonnes of crops from 2023 harvest

MOSCOW. Oct 6 (Interfax) - Farmers across Ukraine have threshed 46.7 million tonnes of grain and oilseeds so far this year, including 32.308 million tonnes of grain and 14.43 million tonnes of oilseeds, Ukrainian media said, citing the press service for the Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry.

Grain and oilseeds have been harvested from 7.258 million hectares, yielding 44.5 centners per hectare.

To date, Ukraine has harvested 5.863 million tonnes of barley from 1.505 million hectares (101% of the planned target), 22.210 million tonnes of wheat from 4.695 million hectares (101%), 2.585 million tonnes of corn from 414,000 hectares (10.2%), 396,800 tonnes of peas from 154,400 hectares (103%), 155,100 tonnes of millet from 68,700 hectares (82%), and 173,800 tonnes of buckwheat from 122,400 hectares (86%).

A total of 923,100 tonnes of other crops and pulses have been also been harvested from 300,000 hectares.

The oilseeds harvesting campaign is continuing in Ukraine. Thus, 4.005 million tonnes of rapeseed (4.003 million tonnes a week earlier) have been threshed from 1.396 million hectares (98%), 7.308 million tonnes of sunflower seeds (5.031 million tonnes a week earlier) from 3.171 million hectares (63%), and 3.118 million tonnes of soybeans (2.205 million tonnes a week earlier) from 504,000 hectares (67%).

As many as 3.267 million tonnes of sugar beet have been gathered from 68,400 hectares (49,600 hectares a week earlier), which is 27% of the planned area.

The adjusted forecast of the Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry projects this year's harvest of grain and oilseeds at 79.1 million tonnes, among them 21.7 million tonnes of wheat, 5.7 million tonnes of barley and 28.5 million tonnes of corn. The total output of oilseeds is expected to reach 21.6 million tonnes, including 13 million tonnes of sunflower seeds, 4 million tonnes of rapeseed and 4.6 million tonnes of soybeans. The harvest of sugar beet is expected to stand at 13.7 million tonnes.