3 Oct 2023 16:03

Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania agree on transit route for Ukrainian agricultural produce to Klaipeda

MOSCOW. Oct 3 (Interfax) - Veterinary, sanitary, and phyto-sanitary control procedures for all Ukrainian agricultural products shipped toward Lithuania's Klaipeda port via Poland will be transferred from the Ukrainian-Polish border to Klaipeda within two days, which should speed up their passage via Polish territory, Ukrainian media reported on Tuesday.

Ukrainian Agrarian Policy and Food Minister Nikolai Solsky, Polish Agriculture Minister Robert Telus, and Lithuanian Agriculture Minister Kestutis Navickas reached this agreement at their meeting on Tuesday, according to the Ukrainian government.

Ukraine proposed transferring veterinary, sanitary, and phyto-sanitary control from the Ukrainian-Polish border to the Klaipeda port, and the Polish and Lithuanian ministers said their governments supported this control mechanism and viewed it as a constructive step, Solsky said.

Speaking at a press conference following the negotiations, Telus confirmed reports on transferring veterinary, sanitary, and phyto-sanitary controls to the Klaipeda port and said that, as per the Polish government's previous statements, there would be no more Ukrainian grain on the Polish domestic market.