2 Oct 2023 19:52

Azerbaijani authorities present plan for reintegrating Karabakh Armenians

BAKU. Oct 2 (Interfax) - The Azerbaijani presidential administration has published the main tracks of the plan for integration of Armenian residents in the country's Karabakh region.

According to the administration's report, the plan includes actions on the following five tracks: legal and administrative sphere; security sphere; economy; social sphere; culture sphere; education and religion.

In the legal and administrative sphere, management on the territories where Armenian residents live will take place through special representations of the Azerbaijani president. Residents can be involved in the work of the special representations.

Besides, in accordance with the Azerbaijani legislation, municipalities will be formed there. Issues relating to residents' citizenship are solved using relevant procedures in accordance with the Azerbaijani constitution and legislation.

In the security sphere, Azerbaijan's interior affairs bodies ensure public order on the territory and residents' security after disarmament and demobilization are completed and after all weapons are confiscated from residents. Residents can be involved in the work of the interior affairs bodies.

In the economic sphere, the following measures are envisaged, in particular, territories where residents live are provided with physical and social infrastructure (education, healthcare, energy, gas, water, roads, communications, melioration, etc.) to the average levels in the country over a certain period of time.

The package of simulating measures, including tax and customs preferences associated with the special economic regime introduced to speed up economic growth in the Karabakh and Eastern Zangezur economic regions, applies to the territories where Armenian residents live. Besides, the national currency of Azerbaijan is fully introduced in circulation.

Measures are taken to support entrepreneurial activities on the territories where residents live. Preferential loans, interest subsidizing, the provision of guarantees on loans and other financial instruments used in the country in connection with the expansion of enterprises' access to finances apply on the territories where Armenians live.

Farmers are given subsidies and are exempted from all taxes except land tax. Property issues are regulated in accordance with the Azerbaijani legislation.

In the social sphere, the system of labor remuneration and social payments used nationwide, as well as preferences, social services and employment programs implemented in the social sphere in the Karabakh and Eastern Zangezur economic districts apply to residents. Residents use mobile services (Mobile ASAN and Mobile DOST).

Concerning culture, education and religion, resident are guaranteed the right to preservation and development of their culture and ethno-cultural features. Freedom of religion, protection of cultural and religious monuments, and the possibility to use the Armenian language are also ensured.

"Reintegration takes places while respecting the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan based on the country's constitution, laws and international obligations," the presidential administration said.