27 Sep 2023 14:32

Russia cuts exports of agro products to unfriendly countries by $2.6 bln in 2022 - Agriculture Minister

ST. PETERSBURG. Sept 27 (Interfax) - Russia cut exports of agricultural products to unfriendly countries in 2022, while boosting supplies to neutral and friendly countries, Agriculture Minister Dmitry Patrushev said on Wednesday during the plenary meeting at the Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo in St. Petersburg.

"Agricultural exports, including fish exports, are primarily going to friendly countries today. Taking into account the geopolitical situation, our flow of exports to unfriendly countries dropped by $2.6 billion in 2022, while increasing by $2.7 billion to neutral and friendly countries," Patrushev said during the plenary meeting.

"This means that we are in the process of redirecting 'just-in-time', and will continue to do so," Patrushev added.

Patrushev also said that there were corresponding instruments for expanding exports, including agricultural attaches, who are operating in many countries worldwide and are assisting in promoting Russian products.

Russia exported $41.6 billion in agricultural products in 2022, and the Agriculture Ministry forecasts that exports could be within $42 billion this year.