27 Sep 2023 09:26

Russia to spend over 5 bln rubles to support development of AI technology in 2024 - Mishustin

MOSCOW. Sept 27 (Interfax) - The Russian government will spend 5.2 billion rubles in 2024 on supporting the development of artificial intelligence technology, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said at the AI Development strategy session.

"We, of course, will continue to provide the appropriate government assistance. In total, 5.2 billion rubles of federal funding is allocated for development of artificial intelligence for next year," Mishustin said.

Although attempts are being made to deprive Russia of access to the latest technologies, Russian manufacturers have managed to adapt to the situation, he said.

The AI market grew by about 18% to almost 650 billion rubles in 2022. About 1,000 Russian organizations are involved in the field of AI, Mishustin said.

He said the government needs to prepare an updated national strategy for AI. "Right now it's important to determine the basic scenarios for support of artificial intelligence in Russia that will lie at the foundation of the updated strategy. Well, and in general consider the whole possible range of measures needed to achieve the objectives set in this area by the president," Mishustin said.

He said that in future the execution of the updated strategy should ensure the growth of computing power, the launch of mid-stage venture capital financing and the elimination of regulatory barriers.

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko said the updated strategy for developing AI to 2030 will include measures to create infrastructure, develop science, train workers and support the rollout of these solutions. AI is forecast to generate about 1 trillion rubles for Russian companies by 2025, he said.

With the implementation of the strategy, about 5,000 organizations will receive support and preferential access to computing power to develop AI, Chernyshenko said. Thanks to state support, 95% of companies are expected to integrate such technology into their operations, and 85% of all economic agents will be familiar with the principles of using AI to solve work tasks, he said.

There are plans to launch more than 300 scientific and applied research projects by 2030, including with international participation, he said.

Given "maximum investments," the mass adoption of AI could add 11 trillion rubles to Russia's GDP in five years, Chernyshenko said.

"Russia, after all, is now essentially and intends to continue to be a country with one of the most favourable regulatory environments in the world for efficient development of technologies using artificial intelligence," Chernyshenko said.