26 Sep 2023 15:36

Russia planning to ramp up shipbuilding development program by 6.6 bln rubles in 2024

MOSCOW. Sept 26 (Interfax) - In 2024, the Russian government plans to boost subsidies for Russian shipbuilders by 6.58 billion rubles under the "Development of shipbuilding and equipment for the development of offshore fields" program, according to an explanatory note to the draft budget for 2024 and the planning period of 2025-2026, the text of which was seen by Interfax.

According to the draft, the amount of budget financing of the state program in 2024 may increase from 11.8 billion rubles to 18.387 billion rubles.

In 2025, funding may increase to 16.08 billion rubles (+5%), and then decrease to 14.08 million rubles (-8%) in 2026.

The change in financing parameters relative to planned indicators is due to an increase in budget allocations for the provision of subsidies to Russian organizations for the financial provision of costs for the development, creation and introduction into serial production of ship component equipment in 2024 by 6.2 billion rubles. Furthermore, there are plans to provide subsidies totaling 2 billion rubles annually for the restoration of the Azov Ship Repair Yard in 2024-2025.

Funding for another federal project related to shipbuilding, "Development of the Northern Sea Route" (implemented as part of the Development of the Nuclear Power Industry Complex state program), is due to be reduced from 44.6 to 40.2 billion rubles in 2024. In 2025, financing may decrease to 38.8 billion rubles (-6.5%), in 2026 - to 29.4 billion rubles (-6.7%).

As part of the Northern Sea Route Development project, there are plans to allocate 4.5 billion rubles less in 2024 for the construction of nuclear icebreakers and a lead multifunctional nuclear service vessel compared to the previously approved amounts. The reduction of financing for these vessels in 2025 could total 4.2 billion rubles, and in 2026 - 2.2 billion rubles.

According to the document, funding for the construction of the lead nuclear icebreaker of the Leader project is expected to be reduced by 2.089 billion rubles in 2024, by 2.347 billion rubles in 2025, and by 808 million rubles in 2026. Funding for the construction of the fifth Project 22220 serial universal nuclear-powered icebreaker may be cut back by 1.008 billion rubles in 2024, 741.9 million rubles in 2025, and 608.5 million rubles in 2026. Financing for the construction of the sixth serial universal nuclear-powered icebreaker in 2024 could be reduced by 546.2 million rubles, in 2025 - by 643.1 million rubles, and in 2026 - by 659.3 million rubles.

Funding for the construction of the third and fourth nuclear icebreakers in 2024 may decrease by 313.9 million rubles and by 239.8 million rubles in 2025, while funds for a nuclear service vessel could be reduced by 552 million rubles in 2024, 260 million rubles in 2025 and 99.9 million rubles in 2026.

There are plans to allocate 420 million rubles more for the organization of regular transportation via the Northern Sea Route in 2025 compared to previously approved amounts. An increase in financing by 1.1 billion rubles in 2025 is also envisaged for navigation and hydrographic support of navigation on the routes of the NSR and the organization of regular transportation along the route.