20 Sep 2023 14:41

Azerbaijan still largest supplier of oil to Italy based on Jan-July shipment numbers

BAKU. Sept 20 (Interfax) - Based on January-July 2023 results, Azerbaijan retains its status as the largest supplier of oil to Italy, having shipped 6.458 million tonnes, including 4.404 million tonnes of Azeri Light and 2.054 tonnes of Azeri Blend.

Using data from the Italian Ministry of Environment and Energy Security, Interfax calculates that oil export volume exceeded last year's by 12.8%.

Oil shipments to Italy over the first seven months of this year decreased 4.7% to 34.281 million tonnes. After Azerbaijan, the top five suppliers are Libya, with 5.748 million tonnes, Iraq, at 4.386 million tonnes, Kazakhstan, with 3.905 million tonnes, and the USA with 3.765 million tonnes.

In July 2023, shipments of Azerbaijani oil to Italy increased 39.1% YoY to 1.113 million tonnes, including 519,000 tonnes of Azeri Light and 594,000 tonnes of Azeri Blend. Libya exported 1.207 million tonnes, USA 975,000 tonnes, Kazakhstan 327,000 tonnes, and Saudi Arabia 322,000 tonnes. Italy's total oil imports in July decreased 17.5% compared to the same period in 2022, to 4.954 million tonnes.