20 Sep 2023 12:33

Ukrainian Agrarian Council calls for countermeasures against EU members that extended ban on Ukrainian agricultural imports

MOSCOW. Sept 20 (Interfax) - The Ukrainian Agrarian Council (UAC) said in a statement it believes that further embargo on Ukrainian agricultural products by Poland, Hungary and Slovakia is unacceptable and urged the Ukrainian government to consider the possibility of additional countermeasures.

"Certain countries have been limiting both import and transit of our products. This is being done both openly and discretely, and various sorts of bureaucratic levers are being used against our agrarian products headed to ports in third countries," Ukrainian media quoted the statement by the UAC press service.

The UAC pointed out that Poland and Hungary had broadened the list of banned imports. In the past, the embargo applied to four kinds of agricultural products. Now Hungary bans 24 types, and Poland adds Ukrainian flour and feed to the list of banned imports.