19 Sep 2023 12:23

Sibagro to build pig farm in Mongolia to produce 18,000 tonnes of pork per year

TOMSK. Sept 19 (Interfax) - Sibagro has signed an agreement with Mongolia to build a pig farming complex in the country with capacity to produce 18,000 tonnes of pork per year, the Russian company said.

The new farm will grow-finish young pigs that will be shipped to Mongolia by Sibagro's East Siberian Pig Breeding Complex in Buryatia.

"Our territorial proximity to the borders of this country makes shipping animals fast and safe," complex director Yulia Shishkina was quoted as saying by the company's press service.

The project to build the farm is now at the preparation stage and the project documentation is being finalized. The company did not specify how much the project will cost or when it will be completed.

The company said the new farm could become a springboard for Sibagro's entry into the markets of China and Southeast Asia.

Sibagro, a vertically integrated agribusiness group founded in Tomsk in 2000, has 14 livestock farms and meat processing plants in Russia's Ural, Siberia, Central and Far East federal districts.