14 Sep 2023 16:16

Airspace closures owing to drone attacks not affecting Aeroflot's production program - CEO

VLADIVOSTOK. Sept 14 (Interfax) - Flight restrictions in Moscow, which have been introduced in recent months owing to drone attacks by Ukraine, have not affected the production program of Aeroflot , CEO Sergei Alexandrovsky told reporters at the Eastern Economic Forum 2023.

"This has of course had an effect on our operations. [...] However, we do not plan to adjust our production program. These are our expenses related to our operating activities, and there is no question of compensation. This is operationally the same for us, how to go to an alternate airfield owing to weather conditions," Alexandrovsky said at the forum.

Sheremetyevo Airport, Aeroflot's hub in Moscow, is less susceptible to the effect of drones statistically, Alexandrovsky noted.

"The most substantial aspect is that we had about 19 flights diverted to alternate airfields throughout the entire daily plan," Alexandrovsky said.

Aviation authorities have introduced temporary restrictions on arrivals and departures of aircraft at airports in Moscow and the Moscow Region owing to the attack of Ukrainian drones on Russian cities in recent months. The restrictions last for several hours.