14 Sep 2023 12:16

Green Drive to expand network of EV charging stations in Russia by 60% in 2023

ROSTOV-ON-DON. Sept 14 (Interfax) - Green Drive LLC, a company founded by former Sistema PJSFC president Andrei Dubovskov, plans to open 20 electric vehicle charging stations by the end of 2023, the company said in a press release.

The company now has 34 charging stations in ten Russian regions, so their number is set to increase by 60% by 2024.

A company spokesman said Green Drive supplied more than 80,000 kWh of electricity at charging stations in August, the highest figure since its stations went into operation in August 2021.

"In the two full years of Green Drive's operation, 900 MWh of electricity were supplied to electric vehicle batteries, and the threshold of 1 GWh is expected to be crossed in the next two months," the press release said.

Green Drive, which was founded on May 4, 2021, is carrying out a comprehensive project to install fast charging stations along the whole stretch of the M4 Don highway from Moscow to cities on the Black Sea coast of Krasnodar Territory. The company plans to install 50 fast charging stations under the project by the end of 2024.

Green Drive's majority owner is Dubovskov, according to data from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities as of September 14, 2023.

Russia published a two-stage concept for the development of production and use of electric vehicles to 2030 in the summer of 2021. The first stage calls for producing 25,000 electric cars in Russia and installing at least 9,400 charging stations for them by 2024. A third of these stations are supposed to be fast, charging a vehicle in less than an hour.

The second stage is supposed to see the share of EV production in the country grow to 10% of total automobile output, the launch of local manufacturing of traction battery cells and cathode and anode materials, as well as the launch of 72,000 charging stations, 40% of which will be fast. There are also plans to build 1,000 hydrogen fuelling stations, hydrogen fuel cells combined with traction batteries will increase range.

The concept projects that 39,000 jobs will be created in Russia's EV industry in a decade.