14 Sep 2023 09:36

Ukrainian power grid stabilized, transmission system ready for winter loads - Ukrenergo

MOSCOW. Sept 14 (Interfax) - The restoration and preparation of Ukraine's energy infrastructure for the heating season are proceeding on schedule, Ukrainian media reported, citing the state company's CEO Vladimir Kudritsky.

"I am completely confident that the transmission system will be ready to transmit the necessary amounts of electricity in the winter. In fact, we have now already installed all the equipment that we planned for the preparations for winter and one can say that in terms of the transmission system we are already ready for winter loads," Kudritsky was quoted as saying on Telegram.

Ukrenergo also does not expect any electricity shortages in the next two months if no new damage is done to energy infrastructure.

"The situation in the energy system has now stabilized. Electricity production is sufficient unlikely in hot August, when we were forced to bring in emergency aid from neighboring countries, so we do not forecast any particular problems for September and October," Kudritsky said.

The risk of energy infrastructure being damaged remains very high, but "the good news is that we all know what this looks like, unfortunately we have this negative experience," he said.