12 Sep 2023 14:57

Capacity at Cryogas-Vysotsk LNG plant to rise to 900,000 tonnes/year in Q1 2024 - Novatek CEO

VLADIVOSTOK. Sept 12 (Interfax) - Capacity at the Cryogas-Vysotsk LNG plant will rise to 900,000 tonnes per year in the first quarter of 2024, and the matter regarding constructing a second line has been suspended for the time being, Novatek CEO Leonid Mikhelson told reporters.

"We have ceased considering the option of a second line for the time being. We are introducing a compressor in the first quarter of next year, if memory serves me right, and boosting the intake pressure should increase the design capacity by 10%-15% at the end of the first quarter," Mikhelson explained.

As reported, Cryogas-Vysotsk, whose main shareholder is Novatek, plans to boost capacity of the natural gas liquefaction plant in Vysotsk from the current 660,000 tonnes per year to 895,000 tonnes per year. The LNG plant is located in the northern part of Vysotsky Island in the Bay of Vyborg, 90 km from St. Petersburg. The site includes a 42,000-cubic-meter LNG storage tank and a loading berth for receiving tankers, with capacity up to 30,000 cubic meters.

There are plans to increase the volume of natural gas liquefaction at the port of Vysotsk by commissioning a boosting compressor unit designed to ramp up intake pressure at the Vysotsk LNG-1 terminal and compress the feed gas supplied through the main pipelines.