31 Aug 2023 09:52

St. Petersburg SEZ to host producers of electronics, drugs, automation systems

ST. PETERSBURG. Aug 31 (Interfax) - The expert council of the St. Petersburg Special Economic Zone (SEZ) has approved three projects totalling 4.1 billion rubles, the SEZ's press service reported.

Pantes MT LLC plans to build a factory to develop and manufacture electronics, including motherboards, drive controllers, process control system controllers, IoT system modules and other products. The 15,000-square-meter facility will be built on a 2-hectare property at a cost of 1.5 billion rubles. It is expected to reach full capacity in the sixth year of the project's implementation. The project will create 355 highly skilled jobs.

The council also approved Polex-Pharm LLC's project to build a complex to develop and produce finished generics. The company plans to make drugs to treat heart disease and gastrointestinal and metabolic disorders, amino acids and their derivatives, direct-acting topical anticoagulants, metabolic agents, systemic antibacterial agents and protease inhibitors.

Polex-Pharma plans to build an 8,500-square-meter facility on 1 hectare at a cost of 2 billion rubles. It is expected to go into operation in the fourth quarter of the project's third year, and employ 94 people at full capacity.

Semargl LLC plans to set up production of automated warehouse, handling and robotic systems for automating production processes in industry, warehouse logistics, retail, pharmaceutical, food and other sectors. It will build a 5,500-square-meter plant on 1 hectare at a cost of 570 million rubles. The plant is expected to go into operation in the first quarter of the project's third year and create 150 jobs.

Seven SEZ residents also revised the plans for their projects at the council meeting. With the changes, overall planned investment will exceed 7.4 billion rubles.

"Ten companies are investing a combined 11.4 billion rubles, which will in the medium term provide the city with growth of new innovative products, hundreds of new jobs for Petersburgers and billions in tax payments to the region's budget," St. Petersburg SEZ chief executive Tamara Rondaleva was quoted as saying by the press service.

The St. Petersburg technology and innovation special economic zone opened in 2007 and 70 companies are registered as residents of it. The SEZ is split between two sites: 19-hectare Noydorf in the village of Strelna, Petrodvortsovy district, and 163.3-hectare Novoorlovskaya in Primorsky district. It was reported earlier that land in the Shushary manufacturing zone might be folded into the SEZ. St. Petersburg Deputy Governor Kirill Polyakov said in November 2022 that there were plans to merge a third site, Parnas, with the SEZ in 2023.