30 Aug 2023 16:51

List of special exporters of petroleum products to be adopted soon - Novak

DOMODEDOVO. Aug 30 (Interfax) - The Russian government plans soon to approve the special list of exporters of petroleum products as part of preventing "gray exports", Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak told reporters.

"In terms of pricing [of petroleum products], we are cooperating with companies to provide the exchange with the necessary volumes so that (...) there is a balance of supply and demand. A list of special exporters will literally be adopted in the near future to limit 'gray exports'. We will improve standards for supplies to the exchange. Accordingly, (...) optimization of the repair-work schedule at refineries is underway," Novak said when answering about the measures taken to curb the rise in fuel prices.

Novak noted that approving the list of special exporters is the most efficient means to resolve the issue of "gray" exports.

The deputy prime minister also stressed that there is no shortage of petroleum products as of today.

"There is a balance and sufficiency on the exchange. However, in order to reach the end of the year as usual, and [to complete] sowing, we are currently cooperating with consumers from agriculture (...) in order to ensure uniformity [of consumption], so that there are not any fluctuations in the market," Novak said.