28 Aug 2023 15:57

Two gas pipelines damaged in Ukraine - Energy Ministry

MOSCOW. Aug 28 (Interfax) - Two gas pipelines have been damaged in Ukraine - one in the Kharkov region and another in the Kiev-controlled part of the Donetsk region, Ukrainian media outlets said, citing information circulated by the Energy Ministry on social media.

Damage caused to energy infrastructure in Moldova's territory briefly knocked out a 110 kV overhead power line in the Vinnitsa region, leaving over 11,000 consumers in the Mogilev-Podolsky district without electricity, the ministry said.

Overhead power lines operated by Ukrenergo were disconnected from the power grid several times over the weekend. Repairs were started on a damaged backup 330 kV power line in the Sumy region, and 330 kV and 400 kV power lines in the Lvov and Zakarpatye regions were also temporary put out of operation.

A number of consumers in several Ukrainian regions, including ten populated localities in the Chernigov region, remain without electricity.

Meanwhile, power supply was restored to some 150 consumers in the Kherson region over the weekend, in the wake of the June 6 emergency at the Kakhovka dam. Thus, 10,100 households in the flooded area are still without electricity (the initial figure stood at 15,000).

Data available on the ENTSO-E website indicates that commercial electricity imports dropped by 2.5-fold on Monday versus Sunday - to 1,295 MWh per day, and are arriving only from Slovakia.

Meanwhile, an attempt was undertaken on Sunday following a lengthy absence (when Ukraine exported a mere 804 MWh of electricity to Moldova for several days in July) to resume electricity exports to Slovakia, which received 50 MWh per hour within four hours from 8:00 a.m. to midday (200 MWh in total), and to Moldova - 2 MWh per hour between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. (only 4 MWh in total).

According to data on Ukrenergo's auction platform, the Ukrainian grid operator offered Slovakia 200MWh per hour during a six-hour period, but ERU Trading and TES booked 50 MWh each for these hours. The offer for Moldova was 100-200 MWh during a six-hour period, of which Solipower Trading and Ukrhydroenergo booked 20 MWh and 7MWh, respectively.

Ukrenergo is no longer offering electricity export capacity for Monday and Tuesday (distribution take place two days before delivery).