23 Aug 2023 09:27

EC to investigate plywood imports from Turkey, Kazakhstan for bypassing restrictions against Russia

MOSCOW. Aug 23 (Interfax) - The European Commission has begun an investigation into birch plywood imports into the European Union from Turkey and Kazakhstan without confirmation of the country of origin, as well as into whether imports from these countries might be circumventing EU antidumping measures imposed against Russian plywood.

The investigation was initiated Monday at the request of the Woodstock Consortium, EC materials showed. It will apply to birch plywood under the customs code TN VED 4412 33.

The EC believes that imports from Turkey and Kazakhstan might be used to circumvent restrictions imposed against imports of birch plywood from Russia.

The EU banned imports of virtually all Russian forest products, including plywood, in July 2022. But even before, in 2021, the EU imposed antidumping duties on birch plywood from Russia, in the amount of 14.4% to 15.72%, depending on the producer. Despite the higher duties, Russia supplied about half of the EU's birch plywood until imports from the country were banned.

Since the imposition of sanctions, Russian producers have redirected plywood exports to countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.