18 Aug 2023 11:48

Head of Zelensky's Office seeks WTO role in food security program

MOSCOW. Aug 18 (Interfax) - Head of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky's Office Andrei Yermak has asked World Trade Organization Director-General Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala to consider a possible part for the WTO in organizing and implementing the second point, titled "Food Security", of Ukraine's peace formula, Ukrainian media said, citing the presidential press service.

Efforts to protect free trade, including in the Black Sea region, topped the meeting's agenda.

"Your personal authority and the WTO's influence on international trade can play an important role in implementing the food security point of the peace formula. It is not only about restoring international law and free trade but also about stabilizing prices on the world market and providing the poorest countries with access to agricultural supplies, where Ukraine's influence is significant," Yermak said.

The parties agreed to make efforts to restore exports from Ukraine in full, to strengthen global food security, including through the Grain from Ukraine humanitarian initiative, to bolster the WTO's role in bringing peace back to Ukraine and to fight poverty and famine worldwide.