3 Aug 2023 16:50

Updated Sputnik coronavirus vaccine to become available in fall - Russian Health Ministry

MOSCOW. Aug 3 (Interfax) - The Gamaleya Center is starting clinical research on a Covid-19 vaccine update, and the updated vaccine will become available in fall, Russian Deputy Health Minister Tatyana Semyonova said.

"Preclinical studies of the vaccine with an updated antigen composition have been conducted. Very good results have been achieved and preparations for clinical research have begun," Semyonova said.

"There is not much time left, as we need to launch new vaccines based on a new strain as early as in fall," she said at a press briefing on Wednesday.

The work is being done by the Gamaleya Center, "which continuously monitors strains and evaluates capacities of diagnostic and treatment systems," Semyonova said.

"We are doing this for four vaccines, namely Sputnik Light, classic Sputnik V and child vaccines for two age categories, at the same time. As prescribed by the directions for use, the one-dose Sputnik Light vaccine should be the first one available," she said.

"Hopefully, our vaccines based on an updated strain will be systemically available to everyone in fall," Semyonova said.