3 Aug 2023 16:27

Russia receives right to export livestock products to Pakistan - Rosselkhoznadzor

MOSCOW. Aug 3 (Interfax) - Russia has received the right to export certain types of livestock products and feeds to Pakistan.

The required veterinary certificates have been agreed upon with Pakistan's National Food Security and Research Ministry, Rosselkhoznadzor said. They will accompany shipments of poultry meat and offal, as well as cattle, table eggs and egg products, milk and dairy products, feed and feed additives, honey and other bee products, animal by-products (skin, horns and hooves, wool, fluff, horsehair, etc.) as well as other products.

In addition, veterinary certificates for the export of zoo and circus animals have been approved.

Suppliers of these products must be included in the exporters register in Pakistan's Cerberus information system, the agency said. Additionally, a Halal certificate issued by an accredited Halal center must accompany each shipment, Rosselkhoznadzor said. "Based on the information received, the Pakistani side is currently working on the accreditation of Russian Halal certification bodies," the report says. "In turn, the Pakistani side is ready to consider Russian Halal certificates on a case-by-case basis until the accreditation procedure is completed."