3 Aug 2023 11:29

Zelensky sets objectives to Ukrainian ambassadors, says NATO summit in Washington could be historic for Kiev

MOSCOW. Aug 3 (Interfax) - The NATO summit in Washington could become a historic event for Ukraine, Ukrainian media said, citing a statement made by President Vladimir Zelensky at a conference of Ukrainian ambassadors in Uzhgorod on Wednesday.

"We should start to prepare for the NATO summit in Washington. This summit could become historic for Ukraine and for all of our NATO allies, and it depends on all of us," Zelensky said.

The task of Ukrainian ambassadors to NATO countries is "to work to secure the consolidation of all NATO capitals around the common security priorities," he said.

Zelensky described the meeting on Wednesday as "emergency", as "a new political season starts in the partner countries in a month's time."

"During August, we need to prepare for the new political season in the world to ensure that it also becomes pro-Ukrainian. As Ukrainian ambassadors, you should cool down the emotions when they run too high in our neighbors' policy. You should cool them down but should not be mute," he said.

"Ukraine knows how to be grateful, and it is grateful to every country, to every people who helped us. But our contribution to common security deserves gratitude as well," Zelensky said.