3 Aug 2023 10:30

Russian govt adds Norway to list of unfriendly countries

MOSCOW. Aug 3 (Interfax) - The Russian government has added Norway to the list of foreign states carrying out unfriendly actions against Russian embassies and consulates, a statement on the Russian government website says.

The government made the decision as part of implementing the presidential order on countering unfriendly actions of foreign states dated April 23, 2021, the statement said.

"The list, approved by the government, indicates the names of countries and the number of individuals present on Russian territory with whom embassies and consulates of unfriendly countries and representative offices of government agencies and institutions can sign labor contracts. The latest resolution caps the number at 27 for Norway," it said.

Restrictions were imposed on the embassies of the United States and the Czech Republic in May 2021 and on the embassies of Greece, Denmark, Slovenia, Croatia and Slovakia in July 2022.

"The list approved by the government is not final and may be expanded with due account given of the continuing hostile actions of foreign states against Russian representative offices abroad," the statement said.