1 Aug 2023 19:09

Russia records 21 outbreaks of African Swine Fever in July - regulator

MOSCOW. Aug 1 (Interfax) - Russia recorded 21 new outbreaks of the African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV) last month, Russia's Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor) said on Tuesday.

Globally, there were 1,212 new outbreaks of ASFV, according to data from Rosselkhoznadzor's information analysis center cited by Rosselkhoznadzor's corporate publication. Countries where the dangerous disease was reported include Bosnia and Herzegovina (247), Romania (233), Poland (213), Latvia (127), Croatia (110), Italy (72) and Serbia (60).

In 2022, cases of ASFV in Russia dropped by half to 141, of which 68 were among the domestic pig population.

African Swine Fever is a viral disease which leads to the death of domestic and wild pigs in 100% of cases. There is no cure. Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Viktoria Abramchenko has ordered the development and introduction of an anti-ASF vaccine for farm animals by 2024.

The virus is not dangerous to humans, though scientists do not rule out that it could mutate.