12 Jul 2023 17:06

Ukrainian ferrous scrap procurement down 25.2%, exports triple in H1 - association

MOSCOW. July 12 (Interfax) - Ukrainian scrap yards reduced ferrous scrap metal procurement 25.2% year-on-year in January-June 2023 to 531,000 tonnes, Ukrainian media said, quoting the Ukrainian Association of Secondary Metals or UAVtormet.

Scrap exports rose 3.2-fold to 92,000 tonnes while imports fell to 500 tonnes, from 1,600 tonnes a year previously.

Scrap supply to the country's steel mills fell 37.5% to 413,800 tonnes.

Scrap metal stocks at steel plants were estimated at 15,000-20,000 tonnes as of July 1.

UAVtormet has said Ukrainian scrap yards reduced procurement 76% in 2022 to 996,700 tonnes. Exports fell 91.3% to 53,600 tonnes and imports fell 92.2% to 1,800 tonnes. Scrap supply to the country's steel mills fell 73% to 895,700 tonnes.

UAVtormet forecasts scrap procurement at 1.2-1.25 million tonnes in 2023. Supply to steel mills will fall to 950,000-1 million tonnes. Exports are expected at 180,000-200,000 tonnes. Ukraine could produce 4.8 million-5.2 million tonnes of crude steel.