12 Jul 2023 13:47

Ukrainian Reconstruction Ministry to review licenses for int'l bus transport services

MOSCOW. July 12 (Interfax) - The Ukrainian Ministry for the Development of Communities, Territories, and Infrastructure (Reconstruction Ministry) and the State Service for Transport Safety will initiate the review of the licenses issued to transport operators to service international passenger bus routes, Ukrainian media reported with reference to the Service for Transport Safety's social media post.

"Verification inspections conducted over the past few weeks have confirmed that a substantial number of international transport operators actually operate domestically and do not cross borders. In doing so, they engage in unfair competition with those who operate exclusively domestically," the statement quoted Deputy Reconstruction Minister Sergei Derkach as saying.

International passenger transport operators have been given until August 1, 2023 to submit letters on closing a route, amending it, or returning a license to the relevant ministerial commission.

After August 1, the Reconstruction Ministry will initiate the closure of routes that are not serviced in line with the licenses based on the Service for Transport Safety's inspections.

The Service for Transport Safety said it is also working together with neighboring countries to verify international routes.