3 Jul 2023 19:09

Industrial production in Kazakhstan grows 1.2% in 2022

ASTANA. July 3 (Interfax) - The index of industrial production in Kazakhstan in 2022 totaled 101.2%, against 103.6% in 2021, the Bureau of National Statistics of the Agency for Strategic Planning and Reforms reported.

"Last year, industrial products were produced with a total value of 48.777 trillion tenge, of which the mining industry accounted for 24.926 trillion tenge (51.1% of the total), and the processing industry for 21.162 trillion tenge (43.4%)," the bureau said in a report published on Monday.

Production in mining and quarrying decreased 0.9% in 2022, due to a 1.9% decrease in oil production, a 1.1% decrease in natural gas, a 20.4% decrease in iron ore, and a decrease in other minerals of 3.8%.

In the manufacturing industry, production increased 3.6%. So did the production of food products (by 6.4%), beverages (by 11%), tobacco products (by 8.9%), refined petroleum products (by 1.8%), chemical industry products (by 13.6%), rubber and plastic products (by 4.8%), other non-metallic mineral products (by 2.7%), basic precious and non-ferrous metals (by 6.9%), and finished metal products (by 3.6%). Machine building increased 10.8%.

For the water supply, the collection, treatment and disposal of waste, and activities for the elimination of pollution, industrial production in 2022 decreased 4.2%.

Production volumes increased in 13 regions of the republic, while decreasing in seven.