30 Jun 2023 21:15

At least 300 years old logboat found on previously flooded river bank in Khortitsa nature preserve in Ukraine

MOSCOW. June 30 (Interfax) - A logboat dating back at least 300 years has been discovered on an earlier flooded river bank in the Khortitsa national preserve, Ukrainian media reported with reference to Culture and Information Policy Minister Alexander Tkachenko's social media post.

After the water level in the Dnieper subsided following the Kakhovka Hydropower Plant disaster, its banks shallowed in some areas.

A nearly seven-meter-long logboat made of a solid oak trunk was discovered on an earlier flooded part of the riverbank in the Khortitsa national preserve, he said.

"Similar boats related to an ancient Russian settlement on the island dating back to the 10th-14th centuries have been discovered near Khortitsa Island's banks in the past. Judging by wood's state of preservation, it could be assumed that this boat is at least 300 years old. However, its age can be determined more accurately using radiocarbon dating. The boat now urgently needs conservation and then restoration to become a museum showpiece. The preserve's specialists are working on this. The ministry will facilitate this work in any way it can," Tkachenko said.