27 Jun 2023 18:48

Yakutia plans to export 26 mln tonnes of coal to Asia-Pacific region in 2023, as in 2022

YAKUTSK. June 27 (Interfax) - Yakutia intends to export 26 million tonnes of coal to the Asia-Pacific region in 2023, the internal Russian republic's government said in a statement.

"We plan to export 26 million tonnes of coal from Yakutia to the Asia-Pacific market by rail. Last year, almost the same volume was exported, the most in recent years," it said.

Yevgeny Veide, the head of RZD's Far Eastern Railway, said 6.1 million tonnes of coal had already been exported in the first quarter. The Elgaugol company shipped 4.4 million tonnes of it from the Elga mine. The head of Yakutia, Aysen Nikolayev, and Veide at a meeting on Tuesday agreed to increase the volume of coal shipments by other shippers.

"This applies in particular to Yakutugol, Dolguchan, Pravo-Kabaktinsky open pit and Kolmar," the press release says.

Yakutia raised coal production 26% to 39.2 million tonnes in 2022. Eastbound coal exports rose 23% to 26 million tonnes.