26 Jun 2023 15:12

S7 Technics receives Russian certificate for production of components for foreign-made aircraft

MOSCOW. June 26 (Interfax) - The S7 Technics technical maintenance company has received Russian production permit certification allowing the company to produce components for the maintenance of foreign-manufactured aircraft, the S7 Airlines press service said.

S7 Technics passed certification with Rosaviatsia in order to receive the permit.

"The company used to work under European certification, and now we have received the Russian equivalent - the FAP-21G. Now, all S7 Technics components will be accompanied by their own identification documents (a passport or sticker) confirming a part is certified and granting the right to install it on board an airliner," the press-service said, citing the S7 Technics deputy general director for airline parts production, Artyom Akhmedov.

The company has received permission to produce components made of plastic, polyurethane foam, metal, fabric and leather for most types of foreign civil aircraft: Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Cessna, ATR42 and others, the press release said.

The list of allowed products allowed includes spare parts for passenger and pilot seats, brackets, springs, bags for demonstration kits, stencils, Braille tactile stickers, and airliner filters for purifying water and air on board.